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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kevin Keegan Believes Kenny Dalglish Was The Perfect Choice For Liverpool

The Anfield legend believes the Scot’s status amongst fans and his knowledge of the club made him the only man for the job, and says no European football this season is a positive
Kevin Keegan believes Kenny Dalglish was the only man who had the ability to turn around Liverpool's misfortunes last season because of his in-depth knowledge of the club.

Dalglish replaced Roy Hodgson in January after a disappointing first half of the season, and since then the club has been on the up, with the side currently sixth in the Premier League after 10 games. Keegan told Liverpool's official website: "I think only he could have come in at the time and lifted the club. "They needed someone who the fans believed in. Only Kenny could have come in and made that immediate impact because of his knowledge of the club. "For example, when I went to Fulham, I had to learn about the club - but you don't need to learn about anything if you've played and managed here before. "I wasn't surprised to see him return because it's in your blood. He was at the club and he was seeing things - things he knew probably weren't quite right or that if he was making a certain decision, it would be a different one. "So he had that big advantage of being there and getting an overview of all of the club. When he came in, he hit the ground running". Even though Dalglish and his side impressed at the tail end of last season, he failed to secure European football to the club, only managing to finish sixth, but Keegan believes this could be a blessing in disguise. When asked where he thinks Liverpool can finish this season, he replied: "Fourth or third. The reason I think they've got a great chance is because they're not in Europe, although it seems to me as though Kenny is treating the Carling Cup as Europe by putting strong sides out. "But it's not the same pressure and you're not shooting over 2,000 miles to play in Russia, then come back and have to go to London on the Saturday - that's tiring. "Not getting into the Europa League was a big plus for Liverpool, I think, and why I think they have a chance of getting into the top four."

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